WEBCAST: Presenting Your FastTrack Schedules

Webcast: Presenting Your FastTrack SchedulesWe invest countless hours scheduling and managing our projects, so it’s only fitting that our project plans look their best when it’s time to share them with others. Whether you’re presenting a status update, a forecast, or a proposal for a prospective new client, it’s key that you make the right impression. And a great looking project schedule goes a long way in wowing your audience.

In our new webcast, Presenting Your FastTrack Schedules, we demonstrate FastTrack Schedule’s amazing presentation capabilities and show you how to make an impact when presenting your project plans to clients, stakeholders, and team members.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Design elements that make your schedules pop
  • Using pictures and graphics when words won’t do
  • Setting up Print Preview for the best layout and selecting the best print settings
  • Saving schedules as pictures and PDFs

The recorded webcast is free and available on-demand. Running time is just 20 minutes, so grab a warm cup of java, sit back, and watch how easy it is to create great looking project plans with FastTrack Schedule.

Thank You Steve for Thinking Differently

We’ve lost an amazing innovator. Steve Jobs blended creativity and technology into iconic gems that made getting things done easier and more fun. His ingenuity and passion for pushing the limits of form and function challenged competitors, inspired entrepreneurs, and changed our lives in ways that we’ll appreciate for years to come. Steve once said, “I want to put a ding in the universe.” He accomplished just that.

French Version of FastTrack Schedule 10 Now Available

There’s a new version of FastTrack Schedule on the block—well actually, across the Atlantic. Our partners in Paris, CESYAM, have completed their localization of FastTrack Schedule 10 and have released French versions of FastTrack Schedule 10.0.3.

Like the English versions, the French versions of FastTrack Schedule 10 are fully cross-platform compatible between Windows and Mac. The Single-User and Concurrent-User versions contain the same feature set as the English versions.

Free demo versions are available directly from CESYAM.

In addition to selling FastTrack Schedule in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, CESYAM also offers comprehensive technical support and consulting services for FastTrack Schedule. For additional product information or to order the French version, please visit CESYAM online at www.cesyam.fr.

HOW-TO: Saving FastTrack Schedules as Microsoft Project Files, Automatically!

Saving FastTrack Schedules as Microsoft Project Files Automatically

FastTrack Schedule 10 opens Microsoft Project files and exports as Microsoft Project XML. But did you know that you can set FastTrack Schedule to automatically save your projects as Microsoft Project files? Leave it up to FastTrack Schedule to do all the work!

Not only is this a time saver, but it’s extremely helpful when it comes to creating corporate templates or streamlining processes. Most importantly, it takes out unnecessary steps or expected user know how when collaborating with team members using Microsoft Project.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Select Application Options (Windows) or Preferences (Mac).

To locate on the Windows or Mac versions:

Ribbon: Go to the File menu or Application Button and select Application Options.
Classic: Go to the Tool menu and select Application Options.

Go to the FastTrack Schedule 10 menu and select Preferences.

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FastTrack Schedule 10.0.3 Update Now Available

We’ve just released another update to FastTrack Schedule 10. FastTrack Schedule 10.0.3 adds new features and fixes, and it’s a free download for all FastTrack Schedule 10 customers. For a list of all the new additions and to download the Update, visit our FastTrack Schedule 10.0.3 Mac Update and FastTrack Schedule 10.0.3 Windows Update pages.

The FastTrack Schedule 10.0.3 Mac Update includes a fix for users that recently applied Apple’s new update of Safari 5.1. The Safari 5.1 Update caused some OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and OS X 10.7 (Lion) customers to experience problems launching FastTrack Schedule 10. The v10.0.3 Update fixes this issue.

If you’re not already using FastTrack Schedule 10 – try it today! Download a free 21-day trial version of FastTrack Schedule 10.0.3 for Mac or FastTrack Schedule 10.0.3 for Windows and get your projects on track.

Join Us For Our Project Management Summer Webcasts

AEC Software's Project Management Summer Webcasts

In between the normal course of business, barbeques, and beach vacations this summer, it’s a great time to exercise your project management skills. Join AEC Software this summer to learn tips, techniques, and best practices that will strengthen your project management core. Our project management summer webcasts will explore the latest trends and challenges facing program and project managers today, and we’ll provide practical how-tos to help managers successfully navigate their way to project success.

All webcasts are free, so register for them today! And if you’re looking to earn additional PDUs, we can help with that too. Three of our four remaining webcasts offer 1 PDU for attendees.

Here’s a list of our upcoming Project Management Summer Webcasts with links to learn more and to register. Sign up today, seats are limited!

july26Boost Your Project ROI – Introducing Scheduling Into Your Organization
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT
Earn 1 PDU for attending (Submit as Category B)

Register now >

Many organizations have yet to implement project scheduling within their day-to-day business operations. Is yours one of them? If so, join us to learn a change management and maturity approach for introducing scheduling into your organization – one that will minimize resistance and offer immediate and long-term benefits. Webcast details >

August 10Replacing SureTrak with FastTrack Schedule for Your Construction Projects
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT

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With Oracle abandoning its Primavera SureTrak software, many construction companies are in need of an alternative. Worry not, SureTrak users. You have a worthy and affordable replacement in FastTrack Schedule. Learn how FastTrack Schedule makes it easy to get your projects under control and delivered on time. Webcast details >

August 18Success is in the Schedule – How to Leverage Your Project Schedule to Improve Project Success
Thursday, August 18, 2011
1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT
Earn 1 PDU for attending (Submit as Category B)

Register now >

Project schedules are a critical tool for planning, executing and managing a project. But there’s much more to crafting a schedule than sprinkling in a few key milestones and hoping for the best. Learn how to apply core project management techniques to deliver projects on schedule and on budget. Webcast details >

August 31The Influence of Social Media on Project Management
Wednesday, August 31, 2011
1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT
Earn 1 PDU for attending (Submit as Category B)

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Social Media has transformed business strategies and how programs are managed. The effective use of these tools can drive program and project deliveries and market growth. Learn techniques on how to better manage social media to drive business success. Webcast details >

FastTrack Schedule and OS X Lion

FastTrack Schedule and OS X Lion

A new version of Apple’s operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), is scheduled to launch by month’s end – possibly as early as tomorrow. We’re excited with the rest of the Mac community about this amazing new version of OS X.

We’ve run compatibility testing to confirm that FastTrack Schedule 10 is fully compatible with OS X Lion. In fact, FastTrack Schedule 9.1 and higher versions will run on Lion.

Here’s a quick Q/A regarding FastTrack Schedule and Lion.

Will FastTrack Schedule 10 for Mac run on OS X Lion (Mac OS 10.7)?
Yes, FastTrack Schedule 10 for Mac is compatible with Mac OS X Lion.

Will the Concurrent-User Versions of FastTrack Schedule 10 run on OS X Lion?
Yes, we’ve tested the Concurrent-User Versions on Lion and Lion Server – they install, launch, and run cleanly.

Will FastTrack Schedule 9 for Mac run on OS X Lion?
FastTrack Schedule 9.1, our first Universal version of FastTrack Schedule, and later will run on Lion. Lion only supports Universal apps or Intel-processor-only apps. Our Mac versions of FastTrack Schedule prior to Version 9.1 were not Universal, and thus cannot run natively on Macs with Intel processors.

We recommend that all FastTrack Schedule 9 users upgrade to version 9.2.2 (free update) or to FastTrack Schedule 10 (paid upgrade).

What if I’m using FastTrack Schedule 8 or earlier?
Customers running FastTrack Schedule 8 or earlier will need to upgrade to FastTrack Schedule 10 (paid upgrade) to run on Lion.

When you get the opportunity to use FastTrack Schedule with OS X Lion, share your experiences with us. If you discover any issues with FastTrack Schedule 10 running on OS X Lion, please let our Technical Support Team know.

Thanks for using FastTrack Schedule and enjoy Lion!

Ask Questions. Get Answers. Share Ideas.

AEC Software Support Center

Support Centers, like homes, sometimes need an extreme makeover. Our old Knowledgebase and FAQ just weren’t up to snuff, so we partnered with Zendesk to create a snazzy new Support Center to provide you with better and more accessible answers to your tech questions. You’ll find product information, how-to videos, support ticketing, a community forum, and even a feature suggestion box.
malatya seo
Our new Knowledge Base has information on the latest FastTrack Schedule updates and answers to your frequently asked questions. There are articles on FastTrack Schedule’s features, installation, licensing, and documentation. We also have sections dedicated to Known Issues and the Concurrent-User Version of FastTrack Schedule.

Lights, Camera, Action
We’ve put FastTrack Schedule in the spotlight with a series of QuickTip videos. These 1-2 minute movies highlight FastTrack Schedule’s top features, providing a quick overview of the features in action. We’ve recorded a set of QuickTips specifically for Mac users and a set for Windows users – so sit back, watch, and learn.

AEC Software Support Center - Community ForumAre You Experienced?
Sure, that’s the title of a classic Jimi Hendrix record, but what we’re getting at is, “Are you well-versed in the ways of FastTrack Schedule?” If so, we’d like to put your know-how to good use. Join our new Community Forum and lend a hand to other FastTrack Schedule users. Your knowledge and guidance can benefit those who are new to the program and those looking for tips on how to apply FastTrack Schedule to their specific use-case or industry. Take some time to check in and see if you can lend a hand to your fellow FastTracker.

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FastTrack Schedule Rated #1 Project Management Software by TopTenREVIEWS

FastTrack Schedule Rated #1 Project Management Software

It’s great to be #1. It’s even better when you’re a repeat winner. TopTenREVIEWS, a leading online technology review site, has awarded FastTrack Schedule 10 its Gold Award as the #1 Mac Project Management Software, stating, “FastTrack Schedule is the clear leader in the Mac project management software field.” This marks the second time that FastTrack Schedule has received TopTenREVIEWS’ prestigious Gold Award.

FastTrack Schedule 10 Gold Award TopTenReviewsIn addition to receiving the highest overall rating in TopTenREVIEWS’ Mac Project Management Software Review, FastTrack Schedule 10 received top marks in the resource management and project management capabilities categories. FastTrack Schedule topped all other Mac project management apps including SharedPlan, OmniPlan, Projector, and Merlin. TopTenREVIEWS praised FastTrack Schedule’s robust feature set saying it, “Offers the widest range of tools necessary to stay on top of your assignments and projects,” and added:

“FastTrack Schedule stands head and shoulders among a sea of competitors in the Mac project management software field. With this software, you can do just about anything when it comes to project management, and it features great interface that allows for full customization. Resource management is smooth and well integrated with your preexisting Mac system, and you’ll easily be able to compose professional reports for each step of your project from start to finish.”

Earlier this year, our Windows version of FastTrack Schedule 10 also received TopTenREVIEWS’ Gold Award as the #1 Desktop Project Management Software for Windows, besting 10 other Windows-based project management apps including Microsoft Project, Project KickStart, and Rational Plan.

Update: iPad Version of FastTrack Schedule

FastTrack Schedule coming to iPad

What’s cooking with the iPad Version of FastTrack Schedule? Lots! In fact, it’s the number one project in our development kitchen. We’re making great progress and working hard to include as many features as possible in the initial release.

This is our first iOS version of FastTrack Schedule, however, it’s not our first mobile version of the product. Many of you may remember that we developed a Palm OS version of FastTrack Schedule. It was a great on-the-go companion to the Windows and Mac versions of FastTrack Schedule, but it was an immense challenge trying to squeeze a great looking Gantt chart onto such a small screen.

Needless to say, we’re very excited to have much more screen to work with on the iPad – it opens up so many more possibilities. And we believe you’ll appreciate the extra real estate as you view and manage your projects.

Are we finished? What features will be in it? When will it be released?  I’m sure those are some of the questions on your mind, and we’ll work to provide answers and status updates as we move toward completion.

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FastTrack Schedule 10.0.2 Update Now Available

We’ve just released our second update to FastTrack Schedule 10. FastTrack Schedule 10.0.2 adds new features and fixes to Filters, FastSteps, iCal export, Microsoft Project data exchange, and more.

The FastTrack Schedule 10.0.2 Update is a free r
download for all FastTrack Schedule 10 customers. For a list of all the new additions and to download the Update, visit our 10.0.2 Mac Update and 10.0.2 Windows Update pages. Go get it!

If you’re not already using FastTrack Schedule 10 – try it today! Download a free 21-day trial version of FastTrack Schedule 10.0.2 for Mac or FastTrack Schedule 10.0.2 for Windows and get your projects on track.

AEC Software Donates $100,000 to Relief Efforts in Japan

The recent earthquake and tsunami to strike Japan near the city of Sendai caused a devastating amount of destruction across the region. We, like many of you, have been monitoring the situation and our thoughts, sympathy, and support go out to those affected by this tragic event.

One of our international partners, A&A Co. , is headquartered in Tokyo. We’ve been in communication with them, and we’re happy to say that the staff and their families are safe.

To help support ongoing relief efforts, AEC Software is donating $100,000 in project management software. We’ve asked A&A to distribute Japanese versions of FastTrack Schedule to organizations that can make use of planning and project management software in their aid and reconstruction efforts.

Numerous organizations are offering support to help victims of the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief. Here are a few where you can go to help:

The American Red Cross is working closely with The Japanese Red Cross to help those in need.  Donate online or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 for a $10 donation.

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