Using Spot Allocations to Optimize Resource Workloads [Video]

FastTrack Schedule 10 gives users a wide variety of options when it comes to managing the resources of a project. Users have the ability to select between Effort-Driven and Fixed-Duration scheduling, apply multiple types of cost information, and even use pre-defined work contours to determine when a resource will work on a task.

Perhaps one of the most advanced resource management features is the ability to spot allocate resource work. Using spot allocations, you can easily define the number of hours a resource will work on a task on any given day.

Watch this short video on Spot Allocations to help optimize resource workloads on your project.

As you see, Spot Allocations allow you to take complete control of the work your resources will be doing. You can account for any time when a resource may be over-assigned or when you simply need to account for special work cases within your projects.

If you’ve used spot allocations before, how did they benefit the overall project? If you’ve never used spot allocations before what are some ways that you may be able to utilize them in future projects?

Jackie Dembinsky
Jackie Dembinsky
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