Deutsch Gets Creative With FastTrack Schedule

Equal parts integrated advertising and digital agency, Deutsch is just as obsessed with great storytelling as they are with technology, experiential, search, and media. Deutsch’s creative signature is found on Super Bowl TV spots to radio and digital campaigns for big brands like Volkswagen, Target, and Diamond Foods. To schedule their many digital projects, Deutsch needed easy-to-use, collaborative project management software – FastTrack Schedule was the perfect fit.

Derek Richmond is Deutsch’s Senior Vice President and Director of Digital Production, responsible for overseeing Deutsch LA’s massive digital production engine and managing the production team and producers. At any given time the team could have 50 – 100 active projects.

Prior to using FastTrack Schedule, Deutsch’s production team was utilizing a variety of programs to plan and manage projects – Microsoft Project, Excel, and even calendar-maker programs.

FastTrack Schedule was a core scheduling program for Derek and his teams at two other ad agencies (180LA, Goodby Silverstein & Partners) prior to Deutsch. Upon arriving at Deutsch, he immediately pulled FastTrack Schedule into the process.

FastTrack Schedule provided a straightforward, easy to use tool for the creative teams and unified the project planning process. Deutsch, like many other ad agencies, has a mix of PCs and Macs. FastTrack Schedule provided a cross-platform project management solution, making it easy for team members to collaborate on schedules. FastTrack also made it easy for Deutsch to share schedules with clients who have both Macs and PCs running Windows.

“I’d recommend FastTrack Schedule because first of all it’s really easy to use. It’s easy to get up and running quickly, and it’s also pretty easy to share across platforms. And you don’t have to be an expert in scheduling process to use it,” said Derek.

So what’s on the horizon for the Deutsch team? More amazing ad campaigns like the Target and Justin Timberlake exclusive and The Rock’s “Got Milk?” commercial. And they’ll be looking to incorporate FastTrack Schedule Go – our new companion iPad app – into their workflow. Stay tuned.

Jackie Dembinsky
Jackie Dembinsky
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