Get and Use 200 More Free Bar Styles

Are you a Project Manager that wants a different look for your schedule’s bar styles, but you don’t have the time to play around with different designs for your bar styles? Or maybe you just lack artistic mojo, yet would like to use bar styles not in the program’s drop-down selection?

Free - 200 More Bar Styles

We understand, that’s why we’ve provided a Template/Example Schedule within FastTrack Schedule 10 that contains 200 additional bar styles for you to choose from and incorporate into your schedules.

What’s inside the 200 More Bar Styles.FTS file?

The file’s first row provides instructions on how to add any of these Bar Styles to your own schedule. The next 200 rows contain example bar styles that change their look depending on whether an activity is Scheduled, Scheduled & 100% Complete, Revised, or Revised & 100% Complete.

The screen capture below is a small snippet of the file’s contents.

A preview of the contents of 200 More Bar Styles

How to Find the 200 Bar Styles.fts File

Because not everyone uses their computer the same way, please choose and use the method that best fits your comfort level.

Method 1

To access this file, do the following upon starting FastTrack Schedule:

  1. Choose “New Schedule from Template” from the Getting Started dialogue box.
    Getting Started Dialogue Box with "New Schedule from Template" selected.
  2. Select “200 More Bar Styles,” then click OK.
    The Templates and Examples Dialogue box with "200 More Bar Styles" selected.
  3. The “Keep Everything” option is automatically selected, click OK.
    The Open Template Options dialogue box with "Keep Everything" selected.

Method 2

This file is located within the same file structure on both Mac and Windows machines.

Navigate to or perform a search for “200 More Bar Styles.FTS”:

FastTrack Schedule 10 > Templates > More Bar Styles > 200 More Bar Styles.fts
The navigation path for the "200 More Bar Styles" file

Summary | Call for Input

We hope you found this article useful.  Along with the 200 More Bar Styles file, you may find it resourceful to explore the other template and example files that have been provided along with it.

What did you find helpful with this article and what would you like to see more of?

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Jackie Dembinsky
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