AEC Software to sponsor race car in Bahamas Speed Week Revival

FastTrack Schedule Ford Shelby GT500FastTrack Schedule logos will grace one blazing fast car this week at the second annual Bahamas Speed Week Revival.

AEC Software will sponsor the Jensen Ford Shelby GT500 car driven by Niels Jensen. The Jensen Ford Shelby GT500 placed third in the supercar division in the 2011 races and is entered in both the Fort Charlotte Hillclimb and Arawak Cay Sprint Circuit this year. The supercar division includes the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, and Lotus.

“This is the first time AEC Software has sponsored a race car, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!” said Dennis Bilowus, President and CEO of AEC Software. “This was such a great opportunity for us to do something unique and get our FastTrack Schedule brand in front of a different audience.”

Bahamas Speed Week Revival 2012 will take place between November 24th and December 2nd on the Bahamas’ New Providence Island. Building on the success of 2011′s revival, the event has been expanded to include a Gala Concert, Auto Trade Show, Out Island Excursions, Beach Party and more. Cars, both vintage and supercars, are shipped from around the world for the event.

Niels Jensen, owner of the Jenson Ford Shelby, is an executive with the Clipper Group and a long time Ford Mustang fan. While living in Houston, Texas, Mr. Jensen personally rebuilt a classic 1968 Mustang. When he was transferred to the Clipper Group’s Nassau office, Mr. Jensen sold his classic 1968 Mustang. The short straightaways in the Bahamas rekindled his passion for Mustangs and racing, and Mr. Jensen decided that another Mustang designed to drag race might be the ticket. He rebuilt another Mustang from the floor boards up, but soon discovered that a race car without air conditioning in the Bahamas wasn’t going to fill the bill. He decided to purchase what will become a modern classic – a Ford Shelby GT500. In the GT500 he got the horsepower that he sought (550 horsepower in fact), the air conditioning, and a whole lot more.

Mr. Jensen’s race partner is longtime friend, Sean Ruckel. Mr. Ruckel is also an automobile enthusiast, owning two vintage Mustangs, one project Mustang, and a Lotus. Mr. Jensen and Mr. Ruckel share a common background, as they both grew up in Texas and are Southern Methodist University alumni.

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