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  1. Adewunmi Adeleke Akinsola

    Are you saying that you have to have the right genetic compositions to become a project manager? People tend to grow with the job, but your points are noted and can be used as a guide towards becoming better at managing projects. I think.

    1. begeland

      I don’t think it’s a genetic thing…though I do think some people are born with some good leadership qualities and potential. I think my 20 month old son has those. But in reality, I know that most of what you take with you into your adult life is a product of your environment and upbringing. Certainly, a strong introvert is going to have a tough time leading projects and engaging customers and managing a project team full of egos.

    2. Michael Techboy

      As a PM in IT I can promise you the skills are not genetic. However, discipline, knowledge, determination, a/b thinking, linear thought processes, and the need to please a client is all part of it. The author is dead on balls accurate.

  2. Abu Badir

    I believe to be a good project manager, you have to be passionate and committed to the customer success. Project managers with excellent skills as above and lack passion and commitment are useless.

    1. begeland

      I agree – passion and commitment are important. You almost have to act as a consultant/entrepreneur. Customer satisfaction is a top priority – even over making your own exec management happy, in my opinion.

  3. Steven Fraser

    I say use this list as a tool to provide you balance as you grow in being a PM. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

    1. begeland

      Thanks Steven. I love comments like these….though I know lots more can be added to the list. Maybe I should come up with a “10 more signs” since this one was so popular.

  4. Helen Strickland

    I strongly suggest removing your client’s name from this article.

    1. begeland

      Thanks, Helen – I’m not usually squeamish in these areas, but I’ve never run inot problems and don’t want to so I’ll take that under advisement and I’ve asked that it be removed by the editors. Thanks!

  5. Willie Sobritchea

    Sign No. 11: You are afraid to tell it like it is.

    You should be willing and able to tell your customer, stakeholders, and your team

    both the good news and the bad news.

    1. begeland

      Absolutely. Share it swiftly…it’s far less painful. 🙂 I had to tell my project customer – for whom I was leading 15 concurrent projects, that my CEO was fraudulent and had just taken his own life the day before. That was a bit embarrassing, very unfortunate, and not easy news to share. But it has to be done. As a board member for a Christian youth ministry I went to meet the mother of a daughter in the ministry who I was one of the last persons to see her alive. That was tough. But you just have to do these things.

    2. Michael Techboy

      I follow 4 rules that have helped me deliver over 1.6 million in contracts at Elance alone. They are:

      1) Always tell the truth… no matter what.
      2) Be available to your clients… always.
      3) Educate the client.
      4) Under commit, over deliver.

  6. Dhillon

    I’d rather to say 10 things you have to work on before to be Project Manager !!!

  7. asiamenhl

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