• If you’re getting silence and only yes answers from your group, I’d be more worried people quitting at any opportunity than the specific project on hand. Because the other thing it shows is they’re probably bored out of their skull and like you said, have zero to little engagement, let alone being able to fix any problems that arise.

    What works? A happy hour or end of the project, hitting different milestones types of celebrations. They don’t have to be huge, but some sort of recognition when completing a large project is always appreciated before immediately diving into the next thing.

  • bradegeland

    Thanks for commenting Matt. You’re right, they may be bored out of their skull. Or they may be so swamped on other – and bigger or more challenging projects – that they’re just phoning this one in. The key for me is to make sure that I never skip that weekly internal status meeting – the one I use to prepare for the customer meeting. That keeps them engaged, on their toes, and knowing that they must answer to me on task status/progress every week – if not even more often. And make sure everyone has something assigned to be accountable for – even if it’s small – is important…otherwise you can lose them. They’re talented and knowledgeable, and get bored easily just like the rest of us. Thanks again….

  • Ella Mapple

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