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  1. Shelley

    Brad, you must really be reaching into the bottom of the “publishing topics titles” to come up with this one. Not only is it unnecessary for you to tell anyone who works on technical projects that SMEs are important… YOUR ENTIRE THESIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!!!

    It is NOT the project manager’s responsibility to “track down end users and technical support individuals.” First, the PM doesn’t know who these people are; then, he has no idea how much information they can provide or how much time the project will need from them. The job of identifying SMEs and their time requirements belongs to the members of the project team who will be working with those experts.

    The Project Managers job is to make the project plan, and he/she cannot do that in a vacuum. No matter how much experience a PM has in the specific technical workplace in which he works, on any given project he/she is not the authority on what work must be done or how long it will take. For this he/she needs the input of the actual project workforce.

    Project Managers are coordinators and facilitators. Their job is to ascertain work, resources, and time required to do a job. This information is provided to him/her by the project team; he/she does not generate them out of his own mind, or pull them out of the air (or some other orifice). The estimates of SME workload and time must come from the project team who must deal with and rely on the SMEs. The Project Manager simply does not know this information (or estimates).

    With respect to SME resources (people, work, and time), the Project Manager’s job is to put together a set of SME requirements, estimated project efforts, and a timeline for their participation in the project. The second step is to present those requirements and the associated taskplan to both his/her own management, and negotiate (as a representative of his/her management) for the commitment of that time by the SME management chain. That is the Project Manager’s job, not finding, negotiating with, or supervising SMEs.

    1. begeland

      Hi again Shelley…and welcome back to your podium of challenging me, my writings and my thought processes. 🙂 You are correct…no project manager is really going to track these individuals down. But I was simplifying to get this to fit more concisely into a 500-800 word article, if possible. I rely – as all PMs must – on the customer side project lead to put together SMEs to aid in the process of defining business processes that the delivery team must be aware of and requirements that must be documented as we figure out the entire scope of the project. Creating a vacuum would be a terrible mistake, yes. But there is an assumption that the project manager relies on the project customer side to help put these SMEs in place…there has to be. But I wasn’t looking to put together a 2000 word article on this topic. And others are finding this helpful so I will continue to write on topics such as these and I will continue to do my best to make them brief, but interesting. I’ll leave some of it to the overly pompous experts like you to have an opportunity to go even deeper if you feel the need. 🙂 Thanks for clarifying the obvious…

      1. Shelley

        Brad, in reading your response, I’m reminded of one of my favorite comparisons between the acronyms K.I.S.S. and K.I.L.L.

        [see my LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/kiss-kill-shelley-horwitz?trk=mp-reader-card%5D

        Most Americans recognize “keep it simple, stupid,” and the English probably recognize “keep it lucid, Limey.” Unfortunately, as you yourself stated, you tried to keep it simple (and brief) at the expense of clarity and correctness. And you put your finger exactly on the crux of the problem for the Project Management industry. Many YOUNG project managers will read your simple article and draw incorrect conclusions about how to be a GOOD project manager. Simplicity, when it is correct, is elegant. When it is NOT correct, it is a disaster. It is far more important to be lucid than it is to be simple.

        I personally prefer lucidity which means clear, concise, complete, and correct information and language. My comments are NOT exactly obvious. I simply tried to step in and correct some misconceptions that you fostered. Maybe a young PM will read my comments and not make the mistake of assuming that your article is correct — that he/she has greater responsibility, wider span of control, and more authority than he/she really has.

        I have said many times, on many occasions, and commenting about many articles, that Project Managers ARE NOT leaders of projects. They are facilitators who provide a valuable service to the people who do actually lead projects. PMs are support functionaries. They deal with exactly three things IN A PROJECT PLAN: work, resources, and time. They provide information to plan and execute projects, track projects, and keep projects on time and on budget. They DO NOT do the work, assign people to do the work, manage those people, or interface with the SMEs who provide the information to make the work successful.

        Unfortunately, too many authors try to drop “simple” little breadcrumbs in the rivers and oceans of Project Management with little or no regard for the ripples those tidbits generate and the problems they cause. You cannot take a lifetime of experience and cram it into 500 – 800 words and NOT expect repercussions. I believe that it is far more important to be lucid than simple. At the very least, my comments serve as a warning to take all 500 word advisories with a grain of salt and DO considerably more thinking about what those 500 words mean and imply. The answer to the question “Why do so many projects fail?” is probably “Because too many project managers read too many 500 – 800 word articles without discerning the difference between ‘simplicity’ and ‘lucidity.’ ”

        [NOTE: Just BTW, the ACTIVITY/OUTPUT table in your article is grammatically incorrect. Column 2 does not contain OUTPUT!!! It contains actions (started by verbs: offer, review, establish, build, prepare). To be correct in the English language you should simply remove the verbs. For example: The OUTPUT of “Advise project
        manager on technology strategy” is “Technical advice and
        a recommended strategy.”]

  2. The Dude

    This article is a copy and paste from here: http://pmtips.net/blog-new/subject-matter-expert

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    Veteran defensive end Chris Clemons skipped the first day of organized team activities Tuesday, leaving the Jaguars even more short-handed on the D-line. Jacksonville already was down three defensive linemen: tackles Sen’Derrick Marks (knee) and Roy Miller (knee) and first-round draft pick Dante Fowler Jr. (knee).

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    Also testifying Friday was Shaneah Jenkins, 23, who was dating Lloyd. Her sister, Shayanna, 25, is Hernandez’s fiancee and the mother of his 2-year-old child. The sisters sit on opposite sides of the courtroom, Shaneah with Lloyd’s mother and Shayanna with Hernandez’s family. Shayanna Jenkins was not in court Friday.
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    NEW YORK (AP) 鈥?St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Nick Fairley and Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Andre Branch were each fined $17,363 by the NFL on Friday for illegal hits on quarterbacks last weekend.
    Tomsula realizes full well the successful Jim he is following to lead this proud franchise, and the demands to get this team back on top in short order.
    The 33-year-old White developed some unexpected swelling in his elbow late last week and didn’t play in Friday night’s preseason loss to the New York Jets.

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    “You talk about it and you recognize it,” Bowles said of Smith’s turnover. “At the end of the day, he’s got to let the ball fly. He just can’t sit there and hold it.”
    Steven Hauschka couldn’t recall attempting an onside kick in his four seasons with Seattle.
    When Brees passed for a career-high and franchise-record seven touchdowns in a 52-49 triumph over the New York Giants last Sunday, more than half of his scoring strikes went to Cooks and Snead, who caught two apiece.
    “You just look at it as we’re back, but both of us have grown,” Cromartie said of him and Revis. “We just have to make sure that we try to bring that leadership that we can bring in. And with Darrelle coming in from a Super Bowl-winning team with the Patriots last year and just bringing that over here, that can help out a lot of facets here.”
    Older than most quarterbacks because of the five years he spent in baseball, Weeden still struggled with the transition to the NFL after setting Oklahoma State passing records in just two seasons and leading those Cowboys to their first BCS bowl in 2011.

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    “I’m just an NFL follower. You can’t even YouTube their videos. They’re just strict with their licensing,” Ellis said.
    Murray is one of five new starters on an offense that has thrived since Kelly’s arrival in 2013. He joins new quarterback and former college roommate Sam Bradford, who looked sharp in limited preseason action.
    The Ravens subsequently moved to midfield before facing a fourth-and-5. Coach John Harbaugh, who earlier called for a fake punt that was successful, opted to keep his offense on the field.
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    The experimenting also continues on offense. At Monday’s practice, second-year player Charles Leno Jr., 2014 starter Jordan Mills, rookie Tayo Fabaluje and starting right guard Kyle Long all took snaps at right tackle.
    In addition to trading Clark, the Broncos placed rookie tight end Jeff Hauerman (ACL) on IR and cut 10 players, including veteran linebacker Reggie Walker and former No. 3 quarterback Zac Dysert, who was supplanted by seventh-round pick Trevor Siemian. They have to make three more moves to reach the 75-player limit Tuesday.
    “Terrible read by me, bad decision to make that throw,” Manning said. “I should have gone to my next guys in my progression.”
    “I feel very good right now,” Masthay said. “I feel confident going into these games, and I expect to perform. Now, that doesn’t guarantee anything, so I’ve got to go out and make it happen. But I’m certainly expecting to do well.”
    “I try to be a leader because I’m an older guy. I try to set an example of how we play.”

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    Without having to worry about the star tight end, opponents played plenty of coverages with a single safety high, bringing the other down to clog up the intermediate crossing routes. That forced Manning to throw more outside the numbers, where he isn’t always as accurate.
    The Giants said that the fans were immediately removed from the area.
    To add depth at the position, the Browns, who released No. 3 quarterback Thad Lewis on Saturday, signed Austin Davis. He went 3-5 as a starter last season for St. Louis, but was cut by the Rams. Davis completed 180 of 284 passes last season for 2,001 yards and 12 touchdowns with nine interceptions 鈥?four of those were returned for TDs.
    When rumors began swirling that the Chicago Bears’ star wide receiver was about to get traded to the Jets, the Broncos’ Brandon Marshall started getting plenty of misdirected tweets welcoming him to the Big Apple.
    Coons will kick in Thursday’s exhibition finale in Chicago, and that performance could determine whether the Browns will stay put or look for another kicker when teams trim their rosters to the mandated 53-player limit Saturday.

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    “I’m not looking for an explanation,” Tomlin said. “I’m simply moving on. That’s how I’ve got do it in my business.”
    When the 6-foot-5, 245 pound Benjamin arrived at training camp last summer it was clear he was going to be a difference maker.
    Now Cobb is looking forward to keeping the Packers’ offense humming with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and fellow receiver Jordy Nelson also locked up for years to come.
    Now Lewis is getting the job back against Arizona.
    During Sugar Bowl media day, the Alabama coach said Tuesday he used to think the pros were the ultimate coaching goal. But two years with the Miami Dolphins showed that he can have more impact at the college level.

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    Denver quit being such an intimidating place to play after John Elway retired with two rings. It’s a big deal again since Manning’s arrival in 2012.
    The NFC East club announced the signing on Wednesday, a day after it reached agreements with five players on the opening day of free agency. Those five 鈥?running back Shane Vereen, linebackers Jonathan Casillas and J.T. Thomas, offensive tackle Marshall Newhouse and returner-receiver Dwayne Harris 鈥?signed the deals Wednesday.
    DAVIE, Fla. (AP) 鈥?Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan once tried to hire Dan Campbell away from the Miami Dolphins, which adds an extra twist to their matchup Sunday.
    Dupree is trying to keep up with the old guys, including the 37-year-old Harrison, who saw 38 snaps against the Patriots, the most of any outside linebacker. Dupree was next with 26. While Dupree would love to play every down as he did at Kentucky, he understands that’s not part of the deal in Pittsburgh, which is sticking with a four-man rotation to keep players fresh.
    She paints the corners. The name is Mo’ne.
    Zimmer took some time away from the team earlier in camp to visit his ailing father. On Wednesday, his coaches and players rallied around him, eager to lend their support.

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    Kubiak says he wants to remain part of “a special organization.”
    “I think I got 120 minutes left in me,” Rodgers said.
    “You see our team coming closer and closer together each week, and we’re trying to figure out a way to get it done,” Cassel said. “That’s not to say this doesn’t hurt. I’m not trying to minimize what happened.”
    She is expected to resume her testimony Monday.
    Being with Baltimore, a team that has reached the postseason in six of the last seven seasons, has thus far been an uplifting experience.

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    Integrating Manning’s style with coach Gary Kubiak’s concepts hasn’t been a smooth ride for the Broncos, although the offense has come through in the clutch in each of Denver’s four games so far.
    “We spent a lot of time together and it showed,” Boldin said. “Kap put us in some great situations with his checks. He responded well.”
    Seattle has won five of the last six against San Francisco, including playoffs.
    With another year to heal, Wolfe is eager to get on with his career.
    Pagano provided the update following Indy’s 9-6 loss to Cincinnati in their traditional preseason finale.

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    “We were not shocked by his performance, but we were pleased by it,” Tomlin said.
    Foles is the latest star player to depart Philadelphia in the past week. He joins two-time All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy and Pro Bowl wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.
    “I want to make it clear that I believe, unconditionally, that the New England Patriots have done nothing inappropriate in this process or in violation of NFL rules,” Kraft said at the team’s first media availability in Arizona.
    Parnell should help fill Jacksonville’s top need. The Jaguars allowed a franchise-record 71 sacks last season, and providing Bortles with better protection was the top priority for the offseason.
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