3 responses to “HOW-TO: Saving FastTrack Schedules as Microsoft Project Files, Automatically!”

  1. Rdelgado

    When I hit the okay button nothing happens.  It doesn’t ask me to put the file in any location.  Please help

    1. Ryan Kish

      Thank you for your message. I will be out of the office the week of August 15th. During that time I will have limited access to email and will respond as soon as possible.

      Ryan Kish | VP, Marketing | AEC Software
      703.450.1980 x3007 | http://www.aecsoftware.com

  2. AEC Software Technical Support

    Once you hit OK Button the software
    will keep your preference for saving as a selected file type.  The first time
    you save a file (File > Save As) after setting this preference the software
    will allow you to choose where you want the file to be saved.  After this
    location has been selected the file will automatically be updated each time you
    save it again.


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