6 responses to “How Constraints Affect Our Projects”

  1. Sam Jacoby

    Economists rules the world and economists ruins the world.

  2. Filao

    I totally agree with the time/money/quality. Experience is a time saving. By having enough experience, you can achieve quality in small lapse of time.

  3. Benedict

    The most important aspect of project management is selecting the right mix of people to do the tasks associated with the project. No project can be successful without the right team to deliver on time, within budget and the expected/pre defined quality expectation.

  4. Imeubu

    Wow! That’s 2 minutes I’d like back… for your next article you might devote at least three pages to “why it is a good idea for people to draw their next breath”.

    What a totally “duhhh” article!

  5. Ella Mapple

    Certifications will definitely increase the salary
    significantly. For project management professionals, I would suggest them to
    attend any genuine agile
    scrum certification
    Online courses (eg. Scrum
    Master Certification
    ). If not anything, at least it will give a boost
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  6. Genny Schrantz

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