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  1. Jacqueline Bilowus

    Hi: I was wondering if there will be articles on how FastTrack Schedule Go works with Microsoft Project and Excel.

    1. Ryan Kish

      FastTrack Schedule Go is a great mobile companion to Microsoft Project. You can open and view MS Project MPP, MPT, and XML files on your iPad and get the same great dashboard insight into project health as you do with FastTrack Schedule files. And you can save your FastTrack Schedule Go files as XML files and share them with team members and clients. Read about this in our new post, “Sharing Schedules with FastTrack Schedule Go” – http://bit.ly/11Hqaql

      As for Excel, FastTrack Schedule Go does not open MS Excel files directly. Many of our Windows and Mac users do import Excel data into FastTrack Schedule 10 and then transfer their files to FastTrack Schedule Go on their iPad.

      1. Jacqueline Bilowus

        Okay. Thank you for the reply and for the information!

  2. Ittipon Sae-lim

    FastTrack Schedule Go can work with MS project 2017?

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