• Olivia Jennifer

    One of the primary differences in these two approaches is
    that awareness of the activitiesby the customer can be found in the spiral
    modeland also involvement in the software development process , whereas customer
    involvement is not there in the waterfall model. Many a times customer
    dissatisfaction becomes the outcome as software development doesn’t occur
    aligned with the customer needs. The spiral model encompasses the involvement
    of customer from beginning of the project which facilitate in making sure that
    the software delivers exactly the requirements of the customer.

  • Ryan Kish

    Excellent points, Olivia.

  • alexandra.kwc

    When it comes to mobile development, testing throughout the process as opposed to at the end of the project can bring a number of benefits for app developers, especially in the discovery of coding flaws or other bugs. See Why agile development will replace the “waterfall” approach here https://www.snappii.com/resource-center/snappii-codeless-mobile-development-platform/

  • Great points, our team prefers Kanban however for most processes.

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