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  1. DON

    Yes, it is absolutely important to bring the project to a closure. I would not agree more to say that towards the end, the project participants loose interest in view of new initiatives. Little do they realise that the project needs to go live to cherish the benefits of the hard work. This leads to the stakeholder loosing interest too, consequently, starting the downfall in the confidence on the project.

    Please read my view on Project Closure at http://effectiveprojmgt.blogspot.sg/2014/11/project-closure-one-of-most-diffcult.html

    All the checklist points mentioned above are valid, from the customer perspective. However, most projects fail to analyse the overall project performance, from the organisation perspective. The project performance is very important from the profitability of future projects as it provides clues(with data) on what should be the approach for the next project.

    For more insight on project performance refer to the article “The Project Performance” at http://effectiveprojmgt.blogspot.sg

    1. begeland

      First, thanks Don for reading and commenting. And your two referenced articles make great points. Toward the end of project engagements when everyone is starting to get their next assignments and all that is left is to launch, we think sometimes that is our cue to go into autopilot. On the contrary, we need to by almost hyper vigilant at that point because if something falls through the cracks…which it inevitably does…the project may suffer and “go-lives” get delayed by hours, days or even weeks just because we really weren’t paying attention like we were earlier in the project.

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