• Mlucas17

    I’m having issues with Fasttrack ver 10 on OSX 10.7 on my MacBook Air.  The first time I tried to run after the 10.7 upgrade I received an alert asking for permission to install Java – which I accepted.  After the Java install no GUI elements from Fasttrack are displayed on launch.  It seems to be running in the background as i have to force kill it to restart the machine.

  • Bismark Bartels

    i am new to fasttrack schedule and i will like to know how you can use fasttrack schedule for earned value management in a detailed step by step manner and wondering if a graphic wbs system can be incorporated into fast track schedule.

    • Serge Gloukhoff

      Thanks for your question.  In FastTrack Schedule 10, there are two files (Earned Value Management & Government Contract Earned Value) that illustrate the use of earned value management calculations (BAC, AC, EV, PV, SV, CV, CPI, SPI, EAC, ETC & VAC).  Both files are located in our ‘Getting Started’ dialog, within the New Schedule from Template button. 

      The first file, Earned Value Management, is under the Templates tab. It provides instructions on how to use Baselines to track the data within the columns used. 

      The second file, Government Contract Earned Value, is found under the Examples tab.  This file is complete with earned value calculation column data and summary graphs. To see the various columns & summary graphs being uses, change the Layout to show the 7 different arrangements/layouts.

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