4 responses to “3 Tips for Project Kickoff that You Might Not Consider”

  1. Sissel Bergh Bakke

    Thank you for your very useful insights.
    I would like to add one more thing. Discuss up front the things that you are not going to de. Itis very useful to agree on this with the client, because it gives both parties a better understanding of the limits of the project and is a great help when managing project scope later.

  2. Terry Schmidt

    INSIGHTFUL — I love the concept of discussing lessons learned at the beginning.

  3. begeland

    Thanks Terry. I don’t always adhere to what I’m preaching there on discussing lessons learned at the beginning. But when I have taken the time to do so it has been very insightful. Everything is fresh and everyone wants a great project. So input and insight is plentiful…both from my direct project team and from the customer. Everyone has good and bad experiences to share and it can give you good insight as to what will be important to your project client on this upcoming project.

  4. begeland

    Good insight Sissel. We concentrate so much on what’s included…very wise to also think about what is not going to be included. You may find that you uncover something that was incorrectly communicated. You may also uncover something that your customer actually DOES want, but didn’t consider…thus resulting in more revenue for the project due to a broadened scope. Thanks for the comment!

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